, par Chloé Fabre

On January 22, 2021, Raoni Metuktire, leader of the Kayapo indigenous community, and some of his alter egos, filed a complaint of genocide against the President of Brazil before the International Criminal Court.
Our Editorial Board is excited ! We absolutely have to talk about it : not only are they using a tool that we federalists have been campaigning for during many years and that we, along with William B. Pace, brought to life in Rome, but they are doing so to defend an indigenous minority threatened with genocide by the destruction of a forest that is essential to the very maintenance of life on our planet.
Deciding to postpone a feature on "Federalism and the Paris Commune" to our September issue, the team embarked on a tour of Latin America to present a feature that sheds light on the situation in various States, federal or not, plagued by violence, corruption, drug trafficking... It also includes information on the Federalist movement in the subcontinent (past and present), the Zapatista experience in Chiapas, the federalist proposal for a Latin American Criminal Court against organized crime and the Altiero Spinelli Chair in Buenos Aires, and the relationship between Latin America and the European Union.
A dossier with contributions from five Latin Americans : magistrate, academics or parliamentarian.

Our second dossier, "Fed’actualité," focuses on recent events that offer us opportunities to talk about Federalism and promote our values and ideas.
In the Middle East, with the lightning war between Gaza and Israel and a reflection on the possibility of a Federation in this region of the World on the door step of an intergovernmental and impotent European Union... ; the decision of our Constitutional Council to invalidate various provisions of the “Pierre Molac” Law on the teaching of regional languages and to judge various methods of teaching them, whether in public or private schools, to be unconstitutional, despite the fact that they have been in force for decades and are essential to their survival or redeployment ; the situation in New Caledonia, a few months away from the new (and last ? ) referendum on the future of this archipelago...

Finally, a bibliography including, in particular, new reviews of two books published at the end of 2020 by Presse fédéraliste (by Lucio Levi and Joseph E. Schwartzberg) at the same time as was issued few days ago the first book by Professor Robert Belot, in the framework of a partnership agreement between the Jean Monnet Chair of which he is the holder and ourselves, on Henri Frenay, the founder of the largest French non-Communist Resistance Movement against fascism (“Combat”) and one of the main leaders of the UEF in the years following the Second World War.