Edito (EN)

, par Chloé Fabre

The end of the reign will be more difficult for Macron. The decay of the institutions of the Fifth Republic is confirmed and accelerating. The disintegration of the Republican Front in the National Assembly on the part
of a number of parliamentarians from the République En Marche (LREM) and the Républicains (LR) against the extreme right at the time of the sharing of vicepresidential posts was flagrant. The disintegration of the Republican Front was perhaps even more serious, in the ballot boxes during the second round of voting (presidential and legislative), when left-wing voters, and more particularly those of La France insoumise, did not hesitate to vote for the FN ; not only in Polynesia or the West Indies, but also in many rural or peri-urban territories neglected by the central government.
Since the advent of the Gaullist Fifth Republic in 1958, France is no longer used to having a parliament at the centre of the political game, and parliamentarians have too often been considered by the republican monarchs
who have governed it as “godillots” (Gaullists) or "playmobils" (Macronians)...
This time, we can at least hope that the absence of an absolute majority in Parliament for Emmanuel Macron will force him to abandon his Jupiterian postures and accept the parliamentary game. But the democratic opposition should not be satisfied just with phoney "motions of censure" like the one presented on 11 July by the NUPES, which apparently has no chance of being
On the subject of the famous (or smoky ?) NUPES, we could not let the veulence of the left claiming to be "Europeanist", or even "Federalist", pass without denouncing it, ready to swallow, or to support, all the sovereignist bullshit, nationalist rantings and other melenc(h)onneries. This is why various articles come back to it in the following pages.

In short, we have seen better and happier times at a moment when Russia’s imperialist war in Ukraine is being perpetuated, when Turkish Raison d’État and
Sultan Erdoğan are once again threatening the Kurds and Human Rights, when the American religious right is flouting and denying Women’s Rights... Many of the articles in this issue also come back to this.

Finally, other articles look at the conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Parliament’s proposals to reform the treaties in the direction of a federalist reform of the European Union.

Enjoy your reading.