Edito (EN)

, par Chloé Fabre

The second issue in our 51st year of publication is structured around two themes : the lessons to be learned from the failure of the European Defense Community (1954) in the current debates on European defense and federalism ; and regional languages, autonomy and respect for minorities (at a time when President Macron is announcing a possible constitutional reform on the status of Corsica). Not forgetting our traditional "Historical Perspective", an extensive bibliography, information on new publications and numerous articles on the forthcoming European elections.
We would like to take this opportunity to publish an important press release from the Toulouse European Federalist Youth (JEF – JE France) and to offer them our support.

Faced with the threats of the far right, the Young Europeans of Toulouse will never give up

Our president and our association are under attack from the far right, particularly from the "Riposte laïque" website, because of our association’s pro-European, federalist, democratic, humanist and civic commitment. Anonymous europhobic, racist and islamophobic letters have been sent to our head office. These letters refer to our President by name as a "target" for extreme right-wing militants, revealing his contact details and inviting to harassment.

As we have said and will continue to say, we will never give up the fight against the far right. No threat, no violence, will intimidate us. We are pro-European, federalist and humanist. We are anti-fascists. We will always remain so. In the face of your xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist and conspiracy mongering, we will respond methodically by educating people to reason and to the values of tolerance and freedom. You are fighting to make obscurantism and nihilism win, we are fighting for human emancipation and enlightenment. We will continue to act, write, debate, canvass and campaign for a federal, humanist, citizen-centred and progressive Europe. We will continue to tell you and your putrid ideology that there is only one race : humanity.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with our President and courageously share his commitment. Your attacks show us that our fight is effective and that we are on target. Toulouse and the Occitanie region will remain a welcoming land, a land of asylum, openness, tolerance, solidarity and respect, true to their history. We will continue to uphold these values, which define us, everywhere. You will never win. Lucharem per salvar lo país contra lo fascisme.

In response to these attacks and to one of the articles in Riposte laïque entitled "Not a penny for Morocco", we are announcing our immediate participation in the collection of funds and equipment organised by the University of Toulouse, in support of our Moroccan comrades and those of Moroccan origin, and of the courageous people of Morocco. We call on all associations that share our values to take part in the various collections