Editorial Fédéchoses n°186

75 years ! She’s no longer a young grandmother, and she has had arthrosis and cracked joints for years. And yet, for years now, European and world federalists have been proposing solutions to enable her to put oil in the wheels in the face of the challenges of today’s world. So on the occasion of this 75th anniversary of the United Nations World Organisation, Fédéchoses looks back on the genesis of the creation of the heir to the League of Nations, on this ideal of world peace and on the shortcomings present from the beginning. The dossier also presents the struggles led by the federalists to enable it to evolve and in particular to overcome the blocking of the veto in the Security Council, as well as contemporary approaches.

Once again, the General Assembly passed almost unnoticed while the world powers outside the UN are looking for a cease-fire agreement in Nagorno-Karabakh or powerlessly witnessing the pro-democracy demonstrations in Belarus. This new episode shows just how much work we still have to do. So, in order to educate ourselves, to reflect, to broaden our thinking, we welcome a new section "Theories of Federalism" which allows our readers to deepen certain aspects of federalist thinking and the debates that go on within it.