Edito (english version)

, par Chloé Fabre

Today, April 5th 2020, half of the world population is stuck at “home” to prevent the propagation of Covid-19. A new global experience for world citizens, another take for Nation-States to claim for their power. Another opportunity for nationalist and populist governments to throw solidarity and multilateralism away. We see and suffer from the divergent strategies put in place to combat the pandemic. States with nationalists at their head are, now again, on the top of world ranking. Unfortunately, it is the death ranking. Adding to this tragedy, they also use the pretext of the health crisis to take over powers and dismiss the last rubbles of democracy : Trump dismisses Michael Atkinson who provided testimony during his impeachment procedure ; Orbán takes full power. More than ever, our long thought Focus on nationalism, populism and the crisis of democracy is necessary.

Fédéchoses is proud to present this new issue composed around this theme of the crisis of democracies compiling old articles (actually, one Essay on Racism published in Il Federalista in 1967) and recent tribunes.

We, as federalists, have already a strong analysis on the crisis of Democracy, when States are no longer able to influence and manage the socio-economic reality in a globalised world. We also offer solutions in order to “take back control” and strengthen a living and participative democracy from local to global. We now have to come out of the closet and make our voice heard. The world health crisis and the economical and political crises what may come after have to be seen as (morbid) opportunities to push for our ideas.