Edito (english version)

This quarter, Fédéchoses is coming back on the Covid-19 pandemic. This spring half the World population has been confined. The pandemic does still affect very badly several parts of the world.

Fédéchoses analyses this crisis as a tell-tale of our time. The initial reactions have been reactionary and sometimes anti-democratic (cf. the JEF Europe Resolution published in our March 2020 issue relative to Hungary). The nationalist reflex has been very strong, with border closings to protect oneself of a supposedly external virus. The nationalist reflex also appeared in the speeches claiming to relocalise strategic productions. Lastly, the nationalist and egoist reflex of the less involved States in the economic crisis due to the pandemic refusing solidarity with their neighbours.

Conversely, Humanity has become more aware of our common destiny and or our common vulnerability in front of death and illness. This growing awareness set the basis for Manifestos appealing for a Global democracy, claims reinforced by the World Health Organization discrediting process. Steps by steps, the EU finds its role and envisages major overhangs to fight the economic crisis due to the confinement. Fédéchoses offers an overview of these proposals : Eurobonds, Coronabonds, debts pooling, complementary unemployment insurance and so on. It is Federalists’ duty to argue and to work to make sure these initial steps are sustainable and democratic. They must pave the way for European Treaties re-writing ; there will be no debts pooling without common EU taxations to reimburse these debts and without a common economic government democratically controlled to manage common investments and economic policies.

These progress, 70 years after the Robert Schuman Declaration (May 9th, 1950) which settled the concrete basis of the European integration process. Fédéchoses Féd’Actualité (Nbr. 2) offers various readings of this Declaration which paves the way for Federalims for Europe (and ultimately the World).