Fedechoses n°176 editorial

, by Jean-Francis Billion, Jean-François Richard

Late March, we were all terribly shocked after the passing over within a few weeks of our friends Jean-Pierre Gouzy, Michel Morin and Jean-Luc Prevel. This is why we entitled our last Editorial «Fédé-shows must go on:!» (issue n° 175). «But this was for fun. Not to show our sorrow. Not to cry» as wrote in one of his songs a famous French singer, Georges Brassens. Today, the sadness is still present but also the will to go further and carry on the bet we made in 1973 with Jean-Luc and Michel when founding a modest news bulletin! Jean-Pierre, quite older than us and yet a federalist writer and activist in the late ‘40s, joined us more recently.

In this last Editorial we announced a new formula. You have it today, three weeks later than usual and with our apologies.

What have we changed?

  • A new layout. With a decent contents.
  • Three issues per year instead of four… but with a larger number of pages: 60.
  • A new and larger Editorial Staff with the arrival of seven other friends: Bernard Barthalay, Domenec Devesa (from UEF Spain), Ivanna Graziani, Michel Herland, Marion Larché, Alexandre Marin and Jean-François Richard. Jean-François replacing Jean-Luc as Editor… He is not quite new in the job as he had been working at key positions with us since 1974.
  • The insertion in each issue of several articles in English only (4 plus this resume of the Editorial in the present issue). This to illustrate our will to increase our readership outside the French speaking regions of the World.

At the same time, we will continue to develop just next to Fédéchoses our various book and pamphlets collection as showed just a few days ago the release of a 312 pages book on Albert Camus and the federalist aspects of his writings (on Algeria, France, Europe and World Citizenship). We publish in this issue of Fédéchoses the foreword Madame Agnès Spiquel, of the ««Association des Études Camusiennes» (Camusian Studies Association) accepted to write for the French edition of the book. This very valuable and interesting text will soon be available in English and be published in Fédéchoses n° 177 late December.

The only thing that will never change is our political and editorial line: fight against Nationalism (the War Culture) and illustrate and disseminate Federalism (the Peace Culture)!