Editorial (English version)

Fédéchoses was initially a small Bulletin after its Founding (1973) with the Objective to federate the various Federalist Youth Groups of France within the Jeunesse Européenne Fédéraliste (JEF France, created at the Lyons Congress, 1974). Soon afterwards Fédéchoses was transformed into an Independent Political Review (published by Presse Fédéraliste, since 1978), aiming at Reflexion and Dialogue between Federalist Acticvists, interested mainly in Constitutional Federalism: Internal, European and World. Since then we never changed our Editorial Slant.

This new Issue, n° 179, includes a few Papers we call « off Record » (« Hors dossiers »), the Contributions of both Michel Theys and Alain Réguillon as well, plus a dense « Bibliography » and:

  • two Focus: « Present Challenges to the European Integration Process and Federalist Answers », including ce again severall Articles (two of m in English) on the Migrations Thematic, and « Towards World Federation », with Contributions relative to the World Federalist Movenent (WFM-IGP) and its recent Den Hague Congress, a Text on the People’s Congress against Imperialism (1948-1953) – An Internationalist, Federalist and Socialist Experiment », plus various other Papers; and,
  • one Féd’Actualité: « Cosmopolitism, People’s without States, Federalism, Nationalisms… », including various Articles on Kurdistan and three more relative to the internal Borders of the European Union (EU) and more specifically to the Catalan Crisis. Our Readers might be surprised by discording positions, especially between Domenèc Ruiz Devesa, Member of our Editorial Board and Vice-president of UEF Europe, and Roccu Garoby, Vice-president of the European Free Alliance, the European Political Party grouping the major democratic regionalist or autonomist Organizations within the EU. This is why we want to reafirm that Fédéchoses remains in Opposition to Nation-States, and to the World Division between Nation-States, at the point that we refuse the Founding, within the EU or elsewhere, of any new Nation-State, whether it could be in Israël, Scotland… or Catalunya. Because we denounce all Nationalisms and want to oppose them Federalism whether they could be « big » or « small », and a Federalist Organization of France, the UK, Spain… Europe, the Middle East… or the World.